When it comes to picking up girls, a lot of men turn into stuttering, drooling Neanderthals that are barely capable of stringing a sentence together, particularly when approaching a pretty girl. How to talk to girls isn’t something you’re taught at school and it’s something you either have or have not, but if you don’t have it you can learn how to talk to girls quite easily.

Often this is down to a lack of confidence on the part of the guy and if they were more confident and more able to talk to the woman they would find their chances of getting a date much higher. Women don’t like men who lack in confidence and you will know that the confident men are the ones who go home with the women at the end of the night.

So how do you become more confident and learn how to talk to girls?

Take Control of Those Inner Feelings

Firstly, you need to understand what’s stopping you from talking to the women in the first place. Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking up to a beautiful woman who you don’t know and talking to her.

Notice how you feel in your body. Do you feel a tightening of the chest? Do you feel a swirling in your stomach? Or do you feel something else? Pay attention to the color, the shape, the movement and so on. Really feel and see it and understand that feeling.

Concentrate on that feeling and understand what it is doing. If you have a swirly feeling in your stomach that is turning counter clockwise, take control of it and make it turn clockwise. If it is red, turn it to blue and see how different it feels.

As you change this feeling, imagine talking to that beautiful woman again and notice how you different you feel. Keep changing the feeling inside until you find yourself feeling more confident.

Take ten to fifteen minutes two or three times a day to repeat this exercise where you visualize yourself talking to a beautiful woman and notice the feelings inside. Change those feelings and you will change how you feel about talking to a woman and you’ll feel more confident. Once you’ve changed one feeling you may find further feelings coming up. Deal with them all in turn and you’ll find you are much more confident in dealing with a woman.